Putting Code Together Since 1987


This is the unofficial blog by the staff of Interconnect IT – a web design company based in Liverpool.

The key people in this blog and the company are David Coveney, Scott Appleton and James Whitehead – in no particular order there, by the way. Each do various jobs:

James Whitehead

James is one of the founding members of Interconnect IT, along with Dave Coveney. He’s primarily the techie, coding away all the time, building cool things, and is quite the WordPress guru. If there’s a WordPress problem he can’t fix… nobody can fix it. If there’s a WordPress plugin he can’t build then… well, you can guess how it works.

James generally gets involved in technical direction, design and code, leaving the sales chasing to Dave. He also keeps our servers ticking over, watches for vulnerabilities, and generally keeps our platform nice and tidy.

Dave Coveney

Dave’s the guy who risked everything in this venture by giving up a lucrative career in PeopleSoft consultancy. Fed up of the big corporate environment he decided there had to be more to life than chasing Euros around Europe. As a trained software engineer he still sticks his oar in with regards to technical direction, some development issues, time management and even gets his hands dirty occassionally.

He’s very less excited about Ruby on Rails right now. And Plone. He is however becoming more excited about Python and its potential. There’s something about it that looks oh so good.

David also looks after strategy, marketing, sales, investment, administration and relationships with other organisations. In other words, he does everything. His dream is to approach the problem of web design from a technological standpoint, rather than the marketing led direction of most rivals. This means he gets very frustrated a lot of the time, but he’s sure it’s the right way!

Scott Appleton

Scott’s now left us to pursue his career with a larger organisation… good luck Scott!

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