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What Does The iPhone 2.0 Upgrade Mean For 95% Of iPhone 1 Users?

In iPhone on July 13, 2008 at 8:41 pm

Not. A. Lot.

Unless you’re:

  1. An enterprise
  2. Really keen that the annoying bugs are fixed
  3. Want to download the third party applications that are now possible, but heavily controlled by Apple

Ultimately, the iPhone is now more or less where it should be.  I’m still annoyed that not just anyone can develop for it and release applications in the manner they see fit – you have to release through the iTunes download service.  It’s still got an appliance mindset about it that I think holds it back.

Of course, Apple’s approach is all about an easy user experience at the cost of reduced flexibility.  It’s neither bad nor good – I have a now unused WM5 device and it got some elements of its UI and features management terribly wrong.  Once set up it was really handy, but it was best suited to enterprise and expert configuration, not to consumers.