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Why So Much is Happening

In Uncategorized on June 12, 2008 at 11:15 am

I was recently sitting quietly thinking about why so many great things appear to be happening right now.  Open Source projects, Wikis… an incredible amount is going on.  I see amazingly talented yet amateur photographers every day now, thanks to the internet.  Once upon a time I’d maybe see an amazing photo once a week… and I had to pay for the privilege of seeing something picked out by an editor who hopefully had similar tastes to mine.

And this article at herecomeseverybody.org gives one suggestion as to why this may be happening.  The numbers are startling.  Have we really been on a media driven bender for the past fifty years that we’re finally escaping from?  Fascinating reading.

  1. I saw the talk that article is based on the other day over lunch. It does seem to make sense…

    I hardly ever seem to watch TV these days. I don’t spend my time contributing to open source projects and the like, but I can see how with loads of people that if you take TV out of the equation, or even just a little bit of their TV time, some amazing things can be created. I think a lot of it is enabled by the technology we have that makes creating cool stuff easy…

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