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New WordPress User Guide

In Wordpress on January 24, 2008 at 10:58 pm

Please Note – This version of the guide is now obsolete and been superceded by our WordPress 2.6 User Guide which can be downloaded from Spectacu.la

One of the things lacking, in the free downloads world, so far as we could see, was a simple, easy to follow WordPress guide designed for non-techie WordPress users.

There are two versions available – the latest which is for WordPress 2.6, and the previous version for WordPress 2.3 – the latest is only available from our Spectacu.la WordPress Themes Club.

Silk Icon from famfamfamTo download the NEW WordPress User Guide follow this link to Spectacu.la

Silk Icon from famfamfamDownload the OLD! WordPress User Guide Version 2 beta for WP 2.3

I think the document still needs work, but I would greatly appreciate any feedback, comments, or even offers of assistance. It would be quite nice to GPL this but we haven’t done so yet and I personally am 50/50 about it. What do you think?

If you want to help popularise this guide, please digg it, or add it to your favourite social bookmarking system – it would be much appreciated!

  1. […] and didn’t find anything good. But now some web designers in Liverpool have put out a new WordPress User Guide, and it looks great. Sounds like they’re not sure if they should GPL it, so perhaps I will […]

  2. This is just the thing I’ve been searching for! Thank you for putting it together. I definitely encourage you to license it in some kind of open way. If GPL isn’t quite right, consider the Creative Commons licenses. That would allow you to be sure that it’s not used for profit and that you always get credit as the author. But whatever you choose, thank you for sharing! This is a great resource for helping a whole group of people who need this level of detailed documentation get up to speed on WordPress.

  3. Thank you! I’m glad you like it!

    I have some plans for it, including a little bit about useful plugins to help things along – for example, many users in business need to post tabulated data and standard WordPress doesn’t allow that. And if they can’t use WordPress, maybe even a little guide on how to do it with HTML. Maybe!

  4. Can’t access it as Windows Vista has ‘known compatibility issues’ with Adobe 7!

  5. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

    I’m not sure what the easy answer is – we can’t really afford yet another piece of expensive software, so we’re not going to buy the latest version. If someone would like to offer to convert the document to a newer spec then please let us know through our contact form at http://www.interconnectit.com/contact/

  6. good initiative!

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